Moulding Excellence was founded in October 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand backed by over 25 years of experience in injection moulding and hot runner technology. Our company provides technology solutions and services to injection moulding industries with a specialization in hot runner moulding.

Our mission is to improve the financial bottom line of the injection moulding industry by focusing on quality and productivity. We achieve this by following a unique four-step methodology as follows,

  • Use Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools to optimise the part and mould design
  • Apply a hot runner solution that is best suited for the resin and part geometry
  • Partner with experienced mould makers with best in class manufacturing techniques
  • Optimise process parameters in the moulding machine by applying Scientific Moulding techniques

Studies prove that a well-designed injection mould can produce quality parts in cycle times that are up to 30% shorter than standard cycles when combined with process optimisation. This can equate to your business saving several thousands of dollars per year on a single moulding machine, depending on the actual machine hour rate and production run time. Scientific Moulding techniques also establish a robust process window that minimise scrap parts. Scrap rate is considered to be the second most significant variable that affects profitability of injection moulding operations.